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Call for proposals - AQUACOSM

Transnational access 2018 to use the aquatic ecology platform PLANAQUA in France

CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance is a partner of the European AQUACOSM project, which brings together dozens of experimental platforms dedicated to research in aquatic inland and marine ecology. For this reason, PLANAQUA macrocosms and mesocosms dedicated to the study of aquatic ecosystems are made available to foreign research teams from EU and associated states as part of a "Transnational Access" call for the year 2018. This call is centered on the implementation of innovative research projects of small and medium size. We can offer access to 5 persons for 30 days in 2018. The access cost offered by PLANAQUA includes all needed preparatory work (before and at site), as well as specific training needed at the sites to complete the specific projects. We invite you to submit your project according to the official AQUACOSM procedure available online (

The following devices are available in our center (

  • Artificial lakes (macrocosms, 800 m3) where guest researchers are invited to participate throughout the year in an ongoing experiment on the interactive effects of phosphorus addition and the presence of chain top predators on trophic network dynamics and on whole-ecosystem functioning (PIs: Gérard Lacroix and Eric Edeline)
  • Aquatic mesocosms (1-10 m2) where guest researchers are invited to carry out new projects of their free choice throughout the year, with the constraint of working in frost-free conditions with the mesocosms equipped with wave beaters